How it Works is a reverse auction website the lowest unique bid wins if the reserve amount is meet. It's a brilliant and exciting new way to win brand new products for a fraction of the retail price

Bid Rules

  • For each auction there is a reserve, the reserve amount must be met before the auction can close
  • A bid fee is charged per bid, this fee is charged in credits
  • At the time of the auction the bidder who has the lowest unique bid will purchase the product/service for the cost of the bid placed

How Do You Win

You should use your skill and judgement to develop a winning strategy.

Below is the colour key used in the bidding history page to represent bids, blue represents another players bid, your bids are highlighted in either green, orange or red.
Please note that on real auctions you can not see the other players bids. They are shown below purely as an example of how bidding works & blue bids on real auctions will show as Other Players Bid.

Green represents the lowest unique bid, orange means a unique bid but not currently the lowest and red is a duplicate bid or non-winning bid.

Using the following bids as an example:

A player has placed 3 bids: £0.05, £0.02, £0.14. The £0.05 bid is green because it is the lowest unique bid and thus the current winning bid. The £0.02 bid is red because there is another bid of the same value. The £0.14 bid is orange because although it is unique, it is not the lowest unique bid.

The game is easy to play and success depends on you being able to outwit fellow bidders by using your skill and strategy to place the lowest unique bid!


  • Try and predict where you think the auction will end and place bids around that price mark first.
  • Get your bids in early! If there is no single lowest unique bid then the winner is determined by the first person to place a bid.
  • 75% of bids are made within the last 24 hours, make sure you have enough credits left to cancel out other bids!